The underlying idea of the establishment of the GERS JEWELLERY Company has sprung out of an intention to present our own view on the jeweller’s art so charming and elegant in its solidified microworld content woven of known precious metals and gems.

The constellation of unusual ideas and modern designs have been the catalyst for us to develop our own style unlike any other illustrious approach of the day. And speaking explicitly as to which trend the Company’s masterpieces tend to exemplify, is most likely meaningless on the very account that it’s not our primary objective to rigorously follow the established fashion. In fact, our jewelleries, however, are made to sparkle as imaginative unique pieces of fascinating art, each of which is filled with the author’s heart and soul.

It is also worthwhile to note that all goods of the GERS JEWELLERY Company are exclusively handmade and circulate solely as single exemplars.