Jewellery Artist

Mr. George Sachakov is an author, executor and maker of all jewelleries of the Company. Brought up in an art-oriented family, Mr. Sachakov dreams of becoming a sculptor from his very juvenility. His ardent longing to engage with the art and passionate virtu eventually lead him to an Art Institute where he successfully completes his professional education and qualifies as a Jewelry-Engraver.

Besides, the willingness for further education does not terminate on this stage, and setting a fervent pace to his consequent studies, a young talented master obtains yet another diploma majoring in Interior Designer. He then works in his initial specialty for a short period of time, but his genuine desire for the arts-and-crafts, so as opportunity to create a whole piece of art by himself prevailed over all.

Soon afterwards, graduating and obtaining a diploma for Diamonds Expert, Mr. Sachakov finally decides for himself to engage in jewelry art production. And having worked as an “incognito master” for a small-scale circle of clients for some years of the past, he then made a decision to commit himself to studies of the new resource materials and possibilities in the jewelry field. Some years later, this has resulted in a vibrant willingness to set up the Company and proceed creating jewelry articles under his own name. As mentioned earlier, in conclusion of this preface we would like to stress an important point once again, that each jewelry article is exclusively handmade and it circulates solely as a single exemplar.